Something About 500 Days of Summer 2009 And the One's Day

  You knew there is not miracle, but you were wrong. There are so many complicated things in this planet.

  Everybody said that girl are emotional, boys are careless. But maybe that is wrong. In fact , that’s fucking wrong, the reason why boy are “not emotional” is that they didn’t express it . Just imaging, when i guy talking about love or sad with his best dud. isn’t creepy? aha, that’s why guys are “less emotional”, it’s just because they hide everything, nobody will find it when the guy in fact want someone to discover it…

  Everything seems like a paradox, and everything was too complicated that let us  confused to think it is just that simple .hh , when we can’t handle it ,we have no changes, just say “fuck it”. but as always, it leads to a deadly end.

  My love is gone while it never shows, just like the movie. We just dreamed too perfect…

  Okay, enough emotion, let’s talk something theatrical. Movie is good, guys a cool and girls a pretty (zooey is so perfect…),scenes are beautiful, music are awesome .especially something acoustic guitar ,that’s my favorite . and also some violoncello,it mach the movie moods quite well. Though it seems not a perfect ending, but it is a perfect starting, isn’t it.

  Woe, the best is how we enjoy it .sadly this is 11.11. Ops, still long way to go, isn’it?

  Btw : Leona naess’s music is also quite fit it well, like I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll or Promise To Try, also many others.

  I highly recommend them.